Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

The general conditions below are intended to define the services and terms of use of the various PURAWORKA areas. The MEMBER USER accepts and undertakes to respect all the general conditions unconditionally.


PURAWORKA provides the MEMBER USER with workspaces (OPEN SPACE, FIXED PLACE or PRIVATE OFFICE), as well as associated services for productivity and well-being. The purpose of the General Conditions is to establish the conditions of use of the PURAWORKA spaces. When registering, the MEMBER USER agrees to respect the General Conditions and the values of the PURAWORKA spaces.


MEMBER USER of the PURAWORKA spaces can be any person enjoying the exercise of civil rights. However, minors over 16 years of age can benefit from exceptions if their legal representative's written agreement and the agreement of PURAWORKA are obtained. The acquisition of the status of MEMBER USER is decided by mutual agreement between PURAWORKA and the MEMBER USER. The acquisition of the status of MEMBER USER is valid only with the subscription to a PURAWORKA subscription (OPEN SPACE, FIXED PLACE or PRIVATE OFFICE). In the event of serious or repeated breaches of the clauses of the General Terms and Conditions, PURAWORKA may withdraw the status of MEMBER USER by a unilateral decision not subject to opposition.


The PURAWORKA areas are accessible to MEMBER USERS between 8:00-22:00 and 7 days a week, by logging into their Nexudus PuraWorka account. Upon signing the contract, PURAWORKA will give the MEMBER USER their personal PuraWorka accesses. The MEMBER USER is solely responsible for the storage and use of his PuraWorka accesses. It is forbidden to transmit, entrust, lend his PuraWorka accesses to a third party who is not part of the same professional entity. In case of loss or theft of PuraWorka accesses, the MEMBER USER must immediately notify PURAWORKA.



MEMBER USERS shall be as polite, respectful and courteous to each other as is reasonably expected. Any inextricable differences must be reported to a member of the PURAWORKA team in order to try to find a positive outcome to the dispute. In shared workspaces, discussions should be conducted in a low voice. In shared workspaces, telephones and computers should be muted. Phone calls and skypes in shared workspaces are allowed if they do not disturb other users and are of short duration. It is preferable to make these phone calls or skypes in the conference rooms or on the outdoor terraces of our partner hotels. Please check the availability of conference rooms on the member platform beforehand. Food and drinks should be consumed reasonably and cleared promptly. Cafés do not serve in the coworking areas and drinks ordered at the café must be returned to the bar by the MEMBER USER. Smoking and steaming are not allowed in the PURAWORKA areas. Any incident, problem or other matter must be reported immediately to a member of the PURAWORKA team. PURAWORKA reserves the right to privatise its coworking spaces for public or private events. In such cases, conference rooms (or other coworking spaces) will always be available to MEMBER USERS. Privatisation of events will always be communicated to the MEMBER USERS through the Member Platform. MEMBER USERS undertake to respect the cleanliness of the PURAWORKA spaces and to facilitate the cleaning of the premises before the cleaning service is provided.


The MEMBER USER undertakes to respect the material, equipment and furniture of the spaces and to keep them in good condition. They will report any malfunction or defects in the material and equipment to a member of the PURAWORKA team. The last MEMBER USER to leave the space ensures that the lights are switched off, the windows are closed, the air conditioning is switched off if the space is equipped with it and that the doors behind him/her are properly slammed when leaving. The crockery provided by PURAWORKA must be washed and put away after each use. PURAWORKA rooms are not monitored by surveillance cameras.


The MEMBER USER's equipment is under his entire responsibility, PURAWORKA declines all responsibility in case of loss, theft or damage. The MEMBER USER is advised to take out insurance to this effect.


The MEMBER USER has access to the various PURAWORKA services on his intranet account of the member platform. PURAWORKA can modify the prices of the services at any time, it undertakes to inform the members by any useful means. The modification of the rates will apply to all current subscriptions and to all new subscriptions of services as soon as the new rates come into force. The MEMBER USER undertakes to make personal use of the PURAWORKA services he subscribes to and not to allow any third party to use them in his place or on his behalf. The MEMBER USER may at any time ask PURAWORKA to modify the services he has subscribed to for the following month. PURAWORKA reserves the right to accept or not accept the requested modifications according to the time limits for changes or cancellations. In case of acceptance, the MEMBER USER will have to pay any additional amount of the applicable price. In case of cancellation, the coworking access credit in hours or days remaining of a MEMBER USER will not be refunded and will be lost.


Use of the conference rooms is by reservation only. PURAWORKA does not guarantee the availability of the conference rooms. Reservations are made on the MEMBER USER'S platform, on the "My reservations" page. Payment is made before use. The reservation of the conference rooms gives rise to the issue of an invoice given to the MEMBER USER who must honour it within the time limits indicated. The conference rooms are rented for a minimum of one hour; overtime is charged on an hourly basis. The telephone booths cannot be reserved and cannot be used by the MEMBER USER as a "Private Office". PURAWORKA reserves the right to inform the MEMBER USER in case of excessive use.


The MEMBER USER has the possibility of taking out a closed locker subscription for a fixed period, subject to available lockers. The cost is 12.50 CHF per month.


The MEMBER USER undertakes to pay for the use and services of PURAWORKA at the beginning of each month, in advance, to the PURAWORKA account communicated or directly via the online system by credit card, at the latest before the 5th of each month. The MEMBER USER must pay the invoices within the period indicated. In the event of late payment by more than 20 days after the due date, PURAWORKA reserves the right to block the MEMBER USER's access to all PuraWorka areas. In the event of non-performance or a delay of more than two months, PURAWORKA reserves the right to terminate the contract entered into by the MEMBER USER with immediate effect (cf. art. 7) and to pass on the MEMBER USER's details to a debt collection service. The charges of the collection services will be recharged to the MEMBER USERS in default. All additional damages are reserved.


In case of closure of a PURAWORKA space for more than 7 days, extensions for the following month or refunds can be made by PURAWORKA. In case of closure of a PURAWORKA space for a period of less than 7 days, no extensions or refunds will be made. In case of illness of the MEMBER USER for a period longer than 7 days, no refund will be given, but an extension may be granted upon presentation of a medical certificate. CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE MEMBER USERS undertake à̀ not to divulge any information relating to the activities of PURAWORKA and PURAWORKA MEMBERS that they may become aware of in the course of using the premises.


The general conditions apply to all MEMBER USERS of the PURAWORKA premises. Each MEMBER USER is considered to have accepted the terms of the General Conditions and agrees that action will be taken against him/her in the event of non-observance of its clauses. The duration of application of the General Conditions is equivalent to the duration of the contract between PURAWORKA and the MEMBER USER. PURAWORKA reserves the right to modify its General Conditions at any time and unilaterally and will inform the MEMBER USER of any modification that occurs after the subscription of the General Conditions.


If any provision in the General Conditions is found to be void, this does not affect the validity of the entire General Conditions.

No departure from the provisions of the General Conditions shall obligate any party to permit any subsequent departure and no waiver of any of the provisions of these General Conditions shall be deemed to be a waiver thereafter of any such provision or of any succeeding breach of any such provision.


The General Conditions and the relationship between MEMBER User and PURAWORKA shall be governed by the laws of Switzerland, excluding its conflicts of law provisions. The courts of Martigny, Switzerland, shall have exclusive jurisdiction with respect to all litigation related to the General Conditions and the relationship between MEMBER User and PURAWORKA, and no other courts will have jurisdiction in any such matter.